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Member's Christmas Offer

Special Christmas Offer available to Trust members only. Two books from our "A Guide and History" series including our latest title for Downside, only £12 + £1.20 p&p. Individual books available at £6.99 + £1.20 p&p. 

Tilt Book

Both Books


£12 plus

£1.20 p&p


Downside Book


To order please send a cheque for £13.20 with your membership number on the back together with the delivery address by 15 Dec 2014 to:

Christmas Book Offer,
Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust,
PO Box 335,
KT11 9AY

Not a member? Why don't you become a member at the same time and take advantage of this offer. Click here to go to our membership page and download a membership application form and include your membership subscription with your book order. Alternatively give a membership subscription as a Christmas gift.


Cobham Christmas Fete 2014

Cobham Christmas Fete 2014A Christmas and Craft Fair will be taking place at the Cobham Village Hall, Lushington Drive on Saturday the 29th November 2014 from 12 to 4pm.

The Fair will include local crafts, Christmas gifts, cards & gift wrap, jewellery, mulled wine & mince pies and Santas Grotto.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the development of the Cobham Village Hall.






49-51 High Street behind Questa - Planning Application No.2014/3406 - Comments by Fri 31st Oct

This planning application is for a detached one storey building with rooms in the roof space for A1/A3 use (shops and restaurant) on ground floors, and D1 use (Medical Aesthetics Clinic) on first floor with external link to 51 High Street (formerly the cSee boutique), and detached two storey building for A1/A3 use (shops and restaurant) on ground floor and C3 (residential) on first floor with ancilliary landscaping to include cycle parking and bin store, following demolition of existing shed and garage – listed buildings.

We believe this development could be classed in the same league as the White Lion. Please consider supporting us in our objection and if you agree please object before the 31 October 2014.

    • This proposed development would increase the density of the area, impact on the amenity of neighbours, become a crime blackspot as it is hidden away from the High Street and introduce dangerous traffic movements onto an already busy and exposed part of the High Street.
    • This application proposes the demolition of two outbuildings. One of these is of timber construction with a red pantiled roof and, as such, is of a vernacular type that was once common only in a small area of Surrey – especially in Cobham.
    • The proposed scheme is not up to the standards that should be set for this historic area. This proposal fails to meet these standards set out in Elmbridge's Core Strategy (July 2011). The Core Strategy also states that "Particular attention should be given to the design of development which could have effect on heritage assets which include ... historic buildings."

Objections on planning applications should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting the relevant Planning Application number, together with your name and home address, or you can complete the on-line form. Alternatively, letters can be sent to the Planning Department, Elmbridge Borough Council, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher KT10 9SD.


Telephone Mast - Planning Application 2014/3905

This planning application (Ref No. 2014/3905) is to site a 12.5m high telephone mast at the corner of Miles Lane and Ashcroft Park. This is very much a residential area.

You may recall that a similar application was turned down by the Planning Inspector in 2013 who stated "I do not consider that the operational needs of the Appellant and Co-Operator, outweigh the significant harm to the character and appearance of the area that would result from siting a column of this height in this particular location." What has changed regarding this location?

There are, to date, over 70 letters of objection. Closing date for comments is 24th October 2014 and should be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sent to the Elmbridge Planning Department, Civic Centre, High Street, Esher KT10 9SD.


Former White Lion Planning Application - Comments close on the 4 Nov 2014

Cobham White Lion (also know as the Vermont Exchange/NY Bar and Grill)

Developers are planning to redevelop the former White Lion on the Portsmouth Road (previously known as the Vermont Exchange & NY Bar and Grill). This is a Grade II listed building and is an important Cobham landmark.

The developers have submitted their planning applications to devlop this important site and propose to convert the imposing Grade II listed building into four flats maintaining the Georgian façade on to the street and construct a large number of dwellings around. You can view the proposals on the Elmbridge Planning website under: Planning Application 2014/3752 & 2014/3417. Click here to go to the Elmbridge Planning website.

We are not at all happy about this and if the development is allowed to proceed as planned, the special and imposing Grade II building will be over shadowed. We shall be opposing this most strongly but our voice will not be enough and we need your support.

Please examine the proposal and if you think fit please object before Tue 4th November 2014 (was Fri 17th Oct and then 27th Oct but now extended to the 4th Nov 2014).

Objections could include the following:

    • The proposed flats to the rear of the inn should not exceed the height of the inn itself. The inn dominates the turning of the Portsmouth road and the architectural hierarchy of what remains of this historic turning should not be undermined by new buildings which fail to respect the historic scale of the built environment. The proposed new buildings are of a poor design quality. The standard of design should be set by the historic assets already on the site. At present the proposed buildings would harm the Grade II listed building, rather than enhance it. This is a prominent public site and high quality design will be needed if it is to make the same positive contribution to the built environment that the existing inn makes.
    • The demolition of an 18th century building within the curtilage of the Grade II listed building. The developers are saying that this outbuilding is probably late 19th century but this is incorrect . Any proposals for the site should respect the contextual value of the whole historic entity of the inn, yard and ancillary buildings. The proposal to demolish the older of the outbuildings at the rear is especially concerning. This building had undergone some alteration over the centuries but it appears on maps from the late eighteenth century and is a survivor of part of the inn's former coach yard. Demolishing the outbuilding removes one of the few remaining elements of the inns connection with its coaching past and divorces the Grade II listed building from a key element of its historic context.
    • Potential damage to the historic fabric of the main building. This is timber framed and dates from c. 1580.
    • It is essential that before any work is undertaken that Elmbridge ensure that a full archaeological survey is undertaken - a watching brief is not good enough.

Please consider supporting us in conserving this vitally important landmark; we are not against sensitive development but this is insensitive and of the worst kind.

Objections can be sent via email in your own words to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting the above planning numbers and do not forget to include your name and address. Alternatively please post your letters to the Planning Department at Elmbridge Borough Council, High Street, Esher KT10 9SD.


New Downside book & Cobham Tilt book now Available

Downside book coverWe are pleased to announce another book in the series celebrating Cobham's Conservation Areas.

This new book covers Downside and the surrounding areas and as with the previous Cobham Tilt book, has been written by the local historian David Taylor and published by the Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust. The proceeds from these books are going towards Trust projects which enhance the local area.

Both of these books provides a brief history and include a guide which takes the reader on a circular route around the area covered and introduces them to some of the historical buildings which occupy these attractive conservation areas. The books are illustrated throughout with pictures from the past and today.

If you would like to buy a copy, either for yourself or as a gift, you can purchase the book direct from the Trust. Alternatively, we are very pleased to announce the Cobham Bookshop will be keeping them in stock.

Tilt book coverThe cost of each book is £7.99 from the Cobham Bookshop or direct from the Trust for £8.20 which includes delivery. Alternatively, if you purchase either book at an Open Meeting or one of our other events, each book will be on sale for £6.99.

All orders by post should be sent to:-

Cobham Heritage Trust
Downside/Tilt Book Offer
PO Box 335
KT11 9AY

Please make cheques payable to Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust and include a completed Order Form with your cheque. An Order Form can be downloaded from here.


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