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The WWII Avenue of Remembrance - The Tilt, Cobham

Newcomers to the Cobham area often comment on the attractive avenue of cherry trees that line either side of the Stoke Road and the entrance to Mizen Way on the Tilt Green. Typically, they flower late April or early May.

Avenue of Remembrance Cherry Trees

cherry tree mapThese forty four trees have a special significance as they were planted as a memorial after the Second World War by the Cobham Village Women's Institute with each tree commemorating a life lost from Cobham during the Second World War, 1939-1945. The Dedication Service for the Avenue of Flowering Cherry Trees took place on Sunday 24th February 1946.

Example tree collarWhen originally planted each tree had a metal collar with the name of a serviceman. Over time some of these trees have died and although the tree has been replaced, most of these collars have been lost. We know all the names of those commemorated but we don't know for certain which name appeared on which tree. If you know which name appeared on which tree please let us know so we can complete the list shown below? Three serviceman did not have a tree.

Trees replaced more recently have not faired so well. Following an Elmbridge Borough Council public consultation at the end of 2017, it was agreed that all the trees would be replaced to make a uniform avenue once again in honour of the brave serviceman from Cobham who lost their lives in WWII. All the trees were replaced in February 2018.

On the 26th April 2009 the Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust completed a project to add a memorial plinth as a lasting reminder of those local service people who lost their lives in the Second World War. This project was completed with the help and support of Elmbridge Borough Council, the Cobham Evening Women's Institute, Royal British Legion (Cobham Branch) and St Andrew's Church, Cobham. Further details of the unveiling of the memorial plaque can be found here.

Cobham's official war memorial listing all those who lost their lives in both World Wars is within the Memorial Chapel at St Andrew's Church, Downside Bridge Road, Cobham.

The Tilt Avenue of Remembrance is listed by the Imperial War Museum on its website which can be found here: 

First Name Last Name Service Tree Number
Alfred Ashcroft R.A.F. 1
William Bennell Royal Artillery
Patrick Bennett Royal Horse Artillery
William Blackman Royal Navy 18
George Bush Royal Navy
Leslie Christmas Grenadier Guards
Ian Constant R.A.F. 4
Evelyn Dawkins R.A.F.
Walter Duffield York & Lancaster Regiment
Leonard Faulkner R.A.F.
Stanley Fuller King's Regiment (LIV)
Stanley Holman East Surrey Regiment
Roger Human Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry 14
Stuart Jackson Royal Army Service Corps
William Jaramillo Beds & Herts Regiment
Edward Joyce Dorsetshire Regiment
Charles Kendal R.A.F. 35
Frederick Kendall East Surrey Regiment
Humphrey Kennard Irish Guards 37
Desmond Kirby Royal Navy 42
Eric Knott Royal Armoured Corps.
Norman Lavers R.A.F. 5
Donald MacDonald London Scottish 20
John Marshall Royal Engineers 24
Paul Marx R.A.F. 10
George Mead East Surrey Regiment
William Mead R.A.F.
William, Alfred Oliver Royal Army Service Corps 24
Percy Osbourne Royal Artillery 6
Douglas Ottaway R.A.F.
Albert Overton Royal Artillery
Edward Perkins R.A.F. 26
John Punshon R.A.F.
E. Curtis Redfern R.A.F.
Sidney Seymour East Surrey Regiment 41
Edward Sherlock East Surrey Regiment
Frederick Sidaway East Surrey Regiment 7
Peter Smallwood R.A.F. 27
Charles Thompson Royal Navy
Frank Thomson R.A.F. 21
James Tidy Royal Navy 12
Reginald Walford R.A.F.
John Warner Royal Army Veterinary Corps 3
K Watkinson
Sidney Welsh Royal Navy 25
John Wilkinson R.A.F. 8
John Woodgate Hampshire Regiment 2


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